Full Curriculum

Ripga New York City offers a full curriculum of weekly courses and intensives, weekly and monthly access to Sogyal Rinpoche’s most recent teachings, local retreats and practice intensives.

Rigpa NYC offers 33 weeks of meditation instruction open to the public. If you wish to continue in the Buddhist path, Rigpa New York City offers 56 weeks of deeper meditation instruction and practice, and 121 weeks of training in compassion and bodhichitta to help you pursue your quest of knowledge, understanding, and self-realization.

As a student at Rigpa New York City, you are invited to participate in 2 – 4 retreats that are streamed live with Sogyal Rinpoche from other retreats around the world, and monthly streaming of Sogyal Rinpoche’s most recent teachings to the Rigpa sangha. Rigpa New York City also provides much needed practice support with quarterly meditation and ngöndro retreats.

Rigpa New York City also hosts respected teachers of all four schools of Buddhism at our center. Past lamas that have given teachings at the center are Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Chagdud Khadro, Phakchok Rinpoche, amongst others.

See here for a list of current and upcoming courses. See here for upcoming special events.


Course Length      Course                                           Prerequisite

5 weeks                Introducing What Meditation Really Is (WMRI            None
6 weeks                Using Thoughts and Emotions                                     None
6 weeks                Loving Kindness                                                           None
5-6 weeks             The Unifying Practice                                                   None
5-6 weeks             Dropping the Method                                                   None
5 weeks                Integration                                                                    None

Meditation / Essential Advice
12 weeks              Simple Formula                                                             WMRI program
4 weeks                Introduction to Dharma Study                                      WMRI program
4 weeks                Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World                        WMRI program
10 weeks              Way to Inner Peace and Contentment                          WMRI program
11 weeks              Ground and Path                                                          WIPC
11 weeks              Meditation                                                                    G&P

Compassion and Boddhichitta
2 weeks                Introduction to Training in Bodhichitta                        WMRI program
10 weeks              Loving Kindness                                                           WMRI program
8 weeks                Awakening the Heart of Enlightened Mind Part 1        WMRI program
8 weeks                Awakening the Heart of Enlightened Mind Part 2        AHEM Pt 1
10 weeks              Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightement    WMRI program
56 weeks              Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack                      Prior Teachings on Bodhichitta
10 weeks              8 Verses on Training the Mind                      One year of courses or equivalent
17 weeks              7 Points of Mind Training                          Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack

Weekend              Introduction to Ngöndro                             1 year Meditation Mandala
Weekend              The Four Thoughts                                   1 year Meditation Mandala

Monthly/Wkly     The All-Encompassing Path                                         Meditation Mandala
Monthly               Home Retreat Updates                                                 Home Retreat
Monthly               Vajrayana teachings                                                      Home Retreat

Local Retreats
5 – 8 days             Winter Retreat (Christmas/New Years)                        Meditation Mandala
5 – 8 days             Haileybury Retreat (Easter)                                 Meditation Mandala
5 – 8 days             Other retreats/Empowerments                                    Meditation Mandala
Periodic                Meditation Retreats                                       Meditation Mandala
Periodic                Loving Kindness Retreats                                  Meditation Mandala
Periodic                Compassion Practice Retreats                              Meditation Mandala
Periodic                Ngöndro Practice Retreats                                 Ngöndro Mandala
2x per mo             Tsoks                                                       Meditation Mandala
4x per yr               Great Festival / Wheel Days                               Meditation Mandala


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