Loving Kindness Meditation- WMRI Module 4

After completing one of the WMRI courses earlier in the year, the next module, Module 4, will start Monday, May 7th at 7pm. This course builds on the three modules that precede it and focuses on the topic of Loving Kindness Meditation.

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At the end of the previous course, we looked at the three noble principles. The first of these, good at the beginning, is the motivation that our practice will benefit not only ourselves but everyone else too. If we are going to adopt a genuine attitude of love and compassion such as this towards other people, we first need to be able to love and have compassion for ourselves. Then, it is much easier and more meaningful to wish that our practice may be of real benefit to others. By showing us how to love ourselves and how to extend our love to everybody else, loving kindness meditation practice deepens and brings our motivation to life.

Meditating on loving kindness helps us restore our love and confidence, and heal any unresolved emotional wounds we may be carrying. It also puts us back in touch with the fundamental goodness of our core being, and once that has happened, we are able to love ourselves. Many people tell us that loving kindness practice gives them a method for transforming their difficult emotions and helps them avoid getting stuck in confusion and negativity. For this reason, many students discover that by meditating on loving kindness their shamatha practice is more stable.

This unique course has been specially developed by Sogyal Rinpoche after many years of teaching in the West. Led by experienced meditators combined with crucial teachings by Sogyal Rinpoche on video, students attending the course will have the opportunity to see that our fundamental nature is unchanging goodness. They will learn that loving kindness practice comes out of the space of meditation (and is not separate from meditation). Students will practice loving kindness for ourselves, to others and for our difficult emotions. They will look at why we need to learn how to love ourselves. Students will see the value of occupying our mind with love. Finally, students will see the benefits that loving kindness can bring us.

Open to new students and to students that have completed What Meditation Really Is – Module 1,2 or 3.

Course Fee: $85 for the whole course. Work/Study Available

For questions regarding the course please contact info@rigpanyc.org

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