The Simple Formula

The teachings on the ‘Simple Formula” are based on the instructions of the great Dzogchen masters of the past.

These teachings give a clear structure and framework on how to create the right environment, practice in formal sessions and integrate in our everyday life. They are of great benefit to more experienced students to re-stabilize their practice, and are a helpful introduction for newer students setting up their practice.

Formal practice makes it possible to come to terms with life and bring about inner change. Through practice we can bring contentment and actualize it. Creating the outer environment inspires our mind, and creating the inner environment of the mind with the help of teachings transforms our mind and our perception. According to the Dzogchen teachings, it is important to begin with the three crucial points of body, speech, and mind, and practice according to the three noble principles.

Through integration, by applying the teachings to ourselves and to the situations we encounter in everyday life, we are able to face the challenges with courage, humor, and wisdom.

Dates: 12 Tuesdays, February 19 – May 7
Time: 7 – 9m
Pre-requisite: completion of the What Meditation Really Is program (5 courses) or similar
Fee: $175. Work Study available. “Friends of NYC Center” discount applies

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