An Intro to Dharma Study

You’re interested in Tibetan Buddhism. You think it can help you. What next?

This course, designed to provide methods to get the most out of your study, covers topics such as obstacles and challenges to study, the three wisdom tools and especially the practice of contemplation.

During this course students will have the opportunity to examine their motivation for studying the teachings; deepen their understanding of study by learning to apply the three wisdom tools: listening, contemplation and meditation; discover how study functions in combination with meditation practice; and receive an introduction to ché gom, ‘analytical meditation’, and jok gom, ‘placement meditation’.

This course can be of benefit to anyone who wishes to learn methods of study, and is offered  as well as a preparation for the course The Way to Inner Peace and Contentment, which is Part 1 of the Rigpa Mengak Study Pack.

Dates: 3 Mondays, September 9 – 23
Time: 7:00 to 9:15 pm
Cost: $40. Work study available.

Prerequisite: Open to All

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