What Meditation Really Is – An Overview in 3 Weeks

Meditation is a process of getting to know your own mind. This overview provides everythingwe need to start meditating and to begin exploring the many possibilities it can open up.

At the heart of the course is clear and simple advice on how to practice meditation. This is the key to developing mindfulness and awareness, which can transform the way we see ourselves and our life and lead us to a lasting sense of peace and contentment.

We also look at the vast potential of our mind from the perspectives of the Buddha and of modern science. Most importantly, we start learning how to be with our mind and live our life in a way that creates less stress and confusion and more presence, peace, happiness and stability. This intensive overview of the What Meditation Really Is courses includes the practice of shamatha, using mantra with meditation, and Loving-Kindness practice.

This intensive overview is open to new students and students who have taken prior courses as a review, and is a preparation for the Autumn courses of Intro to Dharma Study, and the Way to Inner Peace and Contentment.


Dates: 3 Mondays, August 12 – 26
Time: 7pm – 9:15pm
Cost: $40. Work study available.

Pre-requisites: Open to All.

Please register here.

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