Introduction to Ngöndro Practice

5 Tuesdays starting Sept 9

Ngöndro, the preliminary or ‘foundation’ practices of Vajrayana Buddhism, are profound and powerful means for effecting a deep purification and transformation at every level of our being. Not only do they prepare the practitioner for the profound path of Vajrayana and teachings of Dzogchen, but they also lead him or her gradually towards the experience of enlightenment.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche said:

When we take our first steps on the Path, we are not yet capable of helping others. To accomplish the good of others, we must first perfect ourselves, by purifying and transforming our minds. This is the aim of what we call the preliminary practices, which establish the foundations of all spiritual progress. You may feel like dispensing with these foundations in order to practice teachings that you think are more profound, but if you do so, you are building a palace on the surface of a frozen lake.

Using both the Brief Dudjom Tersar Ngöndro and the Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro, this course provides explanations on the purpose and context of ngöndro, as well as a comprehensive overview detailing its individual practices. Guided practices will allow students to develop an experiential taste of each of the ngöndro practices. Special emphasis is placed on the outer ngöndro – The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind from Samsara – as the foundation of the practices of the inner ngöndro. Students are encouraged to begin their practice of contemplating the four thoughts after completing this course.

The aim is to provide students with sufficient knowledge and understanding the meaning of the different practices in a way which is relevant to modern life, and to enable them to confidently practice their ngondro.

This course is appropriate not only for those who have decided to follow the Buddhist path and would like to embark on the ngondro practice, but also for those who are doing this practice and wish to refresh their knowledge and inspiration.

Open to all mandala students. $75.00. Work-study available.

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