Exploring Mind and its True Nature

Wednesdays, September 15 – November 17@ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm ET


The wise know that happiness and its causes are already there, complete, within us, all the time.

Weekly online course over 10 weeks. Register HERE.

This course serves as an introduction and deep-dive into the Tibetan Buddhist view of mind. It addresses the critical questions of how the mind works and the mind’s nature.

The structure of each session incorporates three main elements – teachings, contemplations, and meditation – with an emphasis on contemplation as a method to allow you to deepen your understanding of the teachings in a way that’s relevant in your day-to-day life. The course is 10 sessions long.

This course is open to everyone, from those just beginning to explore Buddhism to seasoned Buddhists.

The course will be held online via Zoom. In addition to the live online sessions that include talks, discussions, Q&A and guided reflections, study will be supported by written course materials and an online discussion forum.
The course will be led by Rigpa teachers Tom Andrews, Joan Elizabeth, and Jennifer Lewis-Drew.

Session 1: Looking at the source of happiness through cultivating contentment and taking care of our mind.
Session 2: Refraining from harm and cultivating good.
Session 3: Being with this mind of ours.
Session 4: The way thoughts influence who we are and how we feel.
Session 5: Using our mind to transform our mind through various practices.
Session 6: Understanding the realm of delusion and the basis for love.
Session 7: The two aspects of mind, appearance and essence, and trusting in our buddhanature.
Session 8: What are thoughts and emotions, and how do they create our experience?
Session 9: Bringing meditation into our lives and the value of contemplation.
Session 10: Everyday meditation, review, and next steps.

September 15 – November 17, 2021
Wednesdays: 7 pm – 8:45 pm US Eastern Time/ 4 pm – 5:45 pm US Pacific Time.

Suggested donation of $150.
Scholarships and reduced pricing are available for those who need it. No one is turned away for lack of funds.Please register HERE.

If you would like to offer a different amount please fill out our financial assistance request form on the registration page. Someone will get back to you with a special registration code as soon as possible.

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