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Dharma Talks with Erric Solomon

Finding Peace from Within: Transforming Anger and Aggression into Awareness Friday March 2, 7-9pm In a moment of frustration, has your anger ever caused you emotional and physical angst? Have you experienced times…Read more

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What Meditation Really Is – Dropping the Method

Shamatha Without Support 6-week course starting Monday March 5th, 7-9pm Register online here Often when we practice meditation, thoughts and emotions can take hold of our mind and make it    …Read more

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What Meditation Really Is, Module 2

Using Thoughts and Emotions as Supports in Meditation Often when we practice meditation, we regard thoughts and emotions or strong physical sensations (such as a pain in our back) as a distraction or…Read more

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Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation, 11 week course starting in January. The first step we take away from selfishness and towards altruism, limitless compassion and our ultimate enlightenment, is to engage in the practice of…Read more

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Wisdom of Compassion Retreat

Open to all! This retreat will be held simultaneously in centers in Germany, France, Ireland and the United States and will feature the very best of Rigpa’s teachers and presenters. Sogyal Rinpoche‘s teachings…Read more

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Dharma Talks

On Thursdays December 1st and December 8th from 7-9pm, Erric Soloman will be facilitating a series of Dharma talks. Dharma gatherings are great opportunities to meditate in a supportive group setting among fellow…Read more

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Celebration of Lha Bab Düchen

All Rigpa sangha members are invited to join us for an evening of practice and festivity. Thursday Nov. 17, 7pm. Lha Bab Düchen is one of the four Great Festivals that are related…Read more

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What Meditation Really Is – Module 2 Intensive

This intensive weekend course, Dec. 2 – 4, of the 2nd Module offers both new and continuing participants to immerse themselves in the study and practice of meditation, allowing the opportunity to go…Read more

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What Meditation Really Is – Module 5

Starting Nov.1, this final module of What Meditation Really Is  looks in detail at the Unifying Practice, in which three key methods—each of them a complete method of meditation in itself—are brought together…Read more

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Sparking, and Training in, Bodhichitta

   Jeff DeLeo will be facilitating a class on Bodhichitta, “Sparking and Training in Bochicitta”, on    Saturday October 15th from 10am to 2pm. Jeff has been a student of Sogyal Rinpoche since 1991, and…Read more

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