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Movie Night! Yangsi

Friday December 18, 7pm Recognized as the reincarnation (‘yangsi’) of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, one of the most revered Tibetan Masters of the 20th century, Ugyen Tenzin Jigme Lhundrup must train to perpetuate this…Read more

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Movie Night! Brilliant Moon

Friday, Nov. 20, 7pm Brilliant Moon chronicles the life of the writer, poet, and meditation master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, one of Tibet’s most revered 20th-century Buddhist teachers. Known as the instructor of His…Read more

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Movie Night! ZEN

Friday, October 30. 7pm. “Zen” is the true story of Eihei Dogen, the great 13th century Japanese Buddhist master. Dogen traveled in China and established a monastery in Japan, where the emphasis was…Read more

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Exploring the Essence of Meditation

Mondays, 7pm. Beginning October 12 This program finished on December 7. This is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to explore the Wisdom and Compassion of the Buddhist teachings. There will be special…Read more

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Movie Night! Three Tibetan Shorts

Friday, Sept. 25, 7pm This month, we’re showing 3 short Tibetan films for your enjoyment. The first is about the restoration of Yeshe Tsogyal’s birthplace,”In the Minds of All Beings: Tsogyal Latso of…Read more

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In The Mirror of Death

An Introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist Understanding of Death and Dying This 8-week course guides participants through the essential teachings on dying and death from the Buddhist tradition of Tibet. It offers a…Read more

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Movie Night! Little Buddha

Friday June 19, 7pm Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, this classic Buddhist film is an international production, filmed in Seattle, Bhutan and Nepal. In the plot line, Lama Norbu comes to Seattle in search…Read more

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Movie Night! Monk with a Camera

Friday May 29, 7pm Nicholas Vreeland walked away from a worldly life of privilege to become a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Grandson of legendary Vogue editor, Diana Vreeland, and trained by Irving Penn to…Read more

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Movie Night! The Silent Holy Stones

Friday, April 24, 7pm Pema Tseden (The Search, Old Dog) is the first Tibetan graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, and this is his dramatic feature debut. Made on location in a village…Read more

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Movie Night! The Devotion of Matthieu Ricard

The happiest man alive. Time Nearly forty years ago Matthieu Ricard left his native France and a promising career in cellular genetics to become a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Nepal….Read more

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