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Unifying Practice

Five Mondays, March 25 – April 22, 7 – 9pm This module of What Meditation Really Is, looks in detail at the Unifying Practice, in which three key methods – each of them a…Read more

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A Dharma Talk with Dominique Side If you’ve been practicing meditation, or just starting to practice meditation, how do we transfer the calm and serenity from the cushion to our daily lives? The…Read more

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The Simple Formula

The teachings on the ‘Simple Formula” are based on the instructions of the great Dzogchen masters of the past. These teachings give a clear structure and framework on how to create the right…Read more

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Cultivating Courage: Accompanying loved ones in crises and at the end of life

The most essential thing when someone close to us faces a crises, ill health or dying is to establish an unafraid, heartfelt communication.  It takes courage and sensitivity to walk alongside with them on their journey. Seeing them…Read more

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Yangsi – Film Premiere at Rubin Museum

Narrated by Yangsi Rinpoche, the young teacher gives a first person account of his experience of growing up in, and coming to terms with, his unique inheritance. Beginning with his enthronement at age…Read more

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Celebration of Lha Bab Düchen

All Rigpa sangha members are invited to join us for an evening of practice and festivity. Tuesday Nov. 6, 7pm. Lha Bab Düchen is one of the four Great Festivals that are related…Read more

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Chagdud Khadro – Public Talk

Healing Emotions Using contemplation and meditation on the Four Immeasurables as a remedy to our negative emotions Genuine compassion possesses four qualities or ingredients: love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Love is wishing that…Read more

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Awakening the Heart of Enlightened Mind

An introduction to the training in bodhichitta Sogyal Rinpoche encourages all of his students, regardless where they are on their spiritual path, to enter into the study and practice of the teachings on…Read more

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What Meditation Really Is – Using Thoughts and Emotions

Using Thoughts and Emotions as Supports in Meditation Often when we practice meditation, we regard thoughts and emotions or strong physical sensations (such as a pain in our back) as a distraction or…Read more

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Dharma Brunch

August 12 and 26, which are Dakini Day and Guru Rinpoche Day for August, Rigpa New York will offer a special Sunday gathering of practice and fellowship: Tsok will begin at 10:00 am…Read more

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